Hey babes, my name’s Apryl and I am 19 years old.

My two biggest passions are health and creating vegan recipes. I started being very interested about health after my eating disorder: I suffered from anorexia for more than 2 years and overcome this all by myself, by working and learning to appreciate everything about me. Now I am the healthiest and happiest version of myself, and could’ be more proud about all the my progress.

I started going at the gym when I was still recovering with a PT, and this really helped me with my knowledge of food and exercising. Right now the gym is my happy place (after the ocean and the beach of course)

My main goal in life is to crate a platform where I can help other girls and boys who are struggling with eating disorder or lack of self esteem. I want to spread my knowledge about health and fitness to help you achieve your goals in live your best life, because, trust me, life is one and is too precious to waste it! I really do believe that each and every one of us is unique, and therefore every individual need special cares. My balance may not be yours, and yours may not be mine. Let me help you create your dream life, I am here to support you. I know you’re strong!

If you’re here reading this, I just want to tell you a big thank you: thank you for your support, thank you for believing in me and my dreams, thank you!! Please, if you feel like this is something you need just stick around, because existing things are coming… (and in the mean time plenty of vegan recipes will be posted)!

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Let’s build together a balanced and happy life! xx